9 Amazing Historic Moments Captured In Photos

1. The last known picture of the Titanic (before it sank)

2. “Hollywoodland” sign soon after it was put up in 1923 (before being changed to Hollywood)

3. Buzz Aldrin snapped this photo of Neil Armstrong moments after Neil walked on the moon

4. Two fearless men recording the MGM Lion in 1929

5. View from the top of the Empire State Building on opening day in 1931

6. This is the first Disneyland ticket ever sold when it opened in 1955. It was sold to Walt Disney’s brother Roy Disney for one dollar.

7. Salvador Dali kissing Raquel Welch’s hand in 1965 after finishing his famous portrait of her

8. Jackie Kennedy backstage watching her husband debate Richard Nixon in their first TV debate (1960)

9. This photo shows the first ever underground train ride. It took place at Edgware Road Station in 1862.

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