Do This 1 ‘Trick’ Before Boiling Eggs

Boiling eggs can be a tricky task, as achieving the perfect balance between a cooked yolk, and an easy-to-peel shell is not always straightforward. While there are many methods out there to boil eggs to perfection, some techniques, such as starting with cold water, adding vinegar or salt to the water, or using baking soda, don’t always guarantee the desired outcome.

One particular reason for eggshell sticking is the white of the egg clinging to the inner membrane of the shell. Chefs recommend allowing the eggs to come to room temperature before boiling, as this ensures a smoother transition, reducing the likelihood of the egg whites sticking to the inner membrane of the shell.

If you’ve tried all the suggested methods and still struggle with peeling hard-boiled eggs, there is a simple yet effective technique that you can try – using a thumbtack. All you need to do is wash a thumbtack, then poke a small hole in the wider end of the eggshell. By doing so, the gases trapped inside the shell are released, and the egg white is free to move around, which makes it easier to peel the shell away.

It is believed that the small hole also allows gases to escape during the cooking process, resulting in a less likely chance of the egg cracking. Not only does using a thumbtack to make a tiny hole in the eggshell help with the peeling process, but it also results in a smoother, better-looking egg.

So, the next time you’re boiling eggs, experiment with different methods like starting with hot water, adding baking soda, or using a thumbtack to create a small hole in the shell, and find the method that works best for you. Achieving the perfect hard-boiled egg is all about trial and error, but it’s worth it when you get that perfectly cooked egg with a shell that peels away with ease.

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